This website has been created for UMBC’s current and future Graduate Data Science students with the aim of providing information that changes on a semesterly basis such as the list of graduate tutors, courses offered in the following semesters, etc. Please bookmark our website, then please read all the pages relevant to you. Note that our official website is https://professionalprograms.umbc.edu/data-science/.

Do you need help with DATA courses? Here’s the schedule of Spring 2024 Graduate Tutors.

New Students

  • Please consult with our “Student Success team” which will help you manage your program from the time you are admitted until you graduate. Throughout your time, the team will provide you with information and assistance regarding registration, class scheduling, graduation, and any other program logistics that may come up along the way. The team will also notify you of these events and webinars (writing, career services, campus resources) throughout the year and you are encouraged to utilize these valuable resources. Please contact the Student Success team with any questions you have during your academic journey and be sure to visit their website for additional information.
  • The latest edition of UMBC’s international student arrival guide can be found here.

New and Current Students

If you have a question about

  • courses and registration, please visit this page first
  • pathways and certificates, please visit this page first.
  • financial aid/assistantship, please visit this page first.
  • internship/CPT/OPT, please visit this page first.

If you can’t find the answer to your questions, then please contact your advisor for academic matters, CPT/OPT requests, course permissions, etc.

  • If you are a Shady Grove student, then your advisor is Dr. M. Ali Yousuf (maliyou1@umbc.edu).
  • If you are a main campus student and your last name starts with

Students From Other Departments/Programs

  • In the course registration system, please find the “Class notes”. There is a link to Google Form. Please complete it. Note that
  • You will need to be logged into your UMBC email account to have access.
  • Completing this form doesn’t mean a guaranteed seat in that class. Two weeks before the semester starts, we will give permission to N students who meet our admission requirements and course prerequisites, where N is the number of available seats.

Future Students: 

  • Our application deadlines for domestic students are August 1 and December 1 for the Fall and Spring semesters, respectively.
  • We don’t require GRE!
  • We don’t have assistantships. We don’t provide financial help. For more information, click here.