DATA 696 – Independent Study for Interns and Co-op Students

Description: Supervision of student internship/co-op activities in the data science discipline. A short technical report that describes the activities conducted relevant to theoretical or operational concepts learned in other coursework and lessons gained through the internship/co-op experience is required at the end of the course. The course grade will be based on the technical report. The report will be submitted to the student’s Graduate Program Director by the last day of the semester.

Prerequisite: Must have completed at least 6 graduate-level DATA credits at UMBC. Permission of instructor required.

Credit Value: Variable (1-3 credit hours.) For each student, credit is established based on the level of effort required from students and the length of internship/co-op based on their proposed duties. The course may be repeated, but no more than 6 total credits from DATA 696, DATA 699, or a combination of these courses may be applied toward degree requirements.

Course ID: 103018
Repeatable: Yes
Maximum Total Credits: 6
Components: Field
Grading Method: Pass/Not Pass



  1. You will need to pay for each credit you take for this class.
  2. The weekly load should be 20 hours or more if you want to get 3 credits.
  3. Your job has to be related to data science!
  4. At the end of the semester, please fill out this form to get your grade. The form requires you to be logged into your UMBC email account.