Graduate Graders/Tutors

Every semester, we hire a few MPS Data Science students as graduate graders/tutors (GGTs). In order to be considered for a GGT position, you need to complete Data 601, 602, 603, and 604 and formally apply through this page.

A formal application through the link below is the only thing you need to be considered for a GGT position provided that you fulfill all eligibility criteria. You do not need any recommendation from a faculty member for your application to be considered. Please note that sending personal emails to our faculty members including the directors will not enhance your chances for receiving a GGT position!

The eligibility conditions stated above are the necessary conditions, but are not sufficient. This means that there is no guarantee to receive a GGT position even if you fulfill all the criteria! We have only a very limited number of positions and the number of applications we receive typically far exceeds the number of available positions. We do our best to conduct the selection process for the GGT positions as fair as possible. For this reason, we will not entertain any personal requests in the selection process.

Note that new students are NOT eligible to apply for GGT positions.

If you are going to have an internship next semester, then please do not apply for a GGT position.

If the next semester is going to be your last semester at UMBC and if you are going to take only one class, then please do not apply for GGT. Having a full-time internship or job-search should be your number one priority.

The final selection for the fall semester is made in August and for the spring semester in January. Students who are chosen for our GGT positions will be notified accordingly.



Please fill out this form. Note that

  1. You will need to be logged in with your UMBC email account to have access to this form. If it says you don’t have permission, please log out from all your Gmail accounts and sign in to your UMBC email account only.
  2. Also, you will need to have pdf copies of your latest resume and current UMBC transcript as pdf files in your Google Drive folder!
  3. Once again, you will need to be done with DATA 601, 602, 603, and 604 before the semester you want to start working as a graduate tutor!