The categories listed below are a collection of procedures, guidelines, expectations, and policies to help you successfully navigate through your MPS study here at UMBC. Certificate rules are slightly different. Please see the university catalog for PCB-related policies. While most policies officially reside on our online catalog, others may refer you to other organizations on campus.

Academic Integrity

These policies pertain to a student’s rights and responsibilities here at UMBC, including: academic integrity, responsible research conduct, academic misconduct, handling grading allegations, student mediation, and academic dismissal appeals.

Enrollment & Registration

Students looking to make changes to their academic or administrative record while at UMBC should be aware of certain enrollment policies, such as: disclosure of student records, continuous enrollment expectations, reinstatement processes, withdrawal procedure, Full and Part-time status, leave of absence, and transfer of credits.

Academic Progress

Grading policies, academic probation, and satisfactory progress are all discussed as policies pertaining to academic progress towards degree completion.

University Policies

These policies are for all UMBC students and are administered by UMBC organizations outside the Graduate School. These policies include: the Code of Student Conduct, In-State Residency status, and Student Health Insurance.