DATA 699 – Independent Study in Data Science

Description: Individualized research activities under faculty supervision related to data science.

Prerequisite: Must have completed at least 6 graduate-level DATA credits at UMBC. Permission of instructor required.

Credit Value: Variable (1-3 credit hours.) For each student, credit is established based on the level of effort required for the research activity and grading based on the assessed quality of the agreed-upon deliverable(s). The course may be repeated, but no more than 6 total credits from DATA 696, DATA 699, or a combination of these courses may be applied toward degree requirements.

Course ID: 103019
Repeatable: Yes
Maximum Total Credits: 6
Components: Independent Study
Grading Method: Pass/Not Pass


If you are interested in doing research, please reach out to our faculty members to learn about their most recent research project ideas of theirs. If you already have a project idea, then reaching out to the right faculty member should be the first step of yours.

If you are interested in doing research from CSEE, IS, or another department, then you will need to take their 600-level independent study course.